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The success of major contracts is largely dependent on the calibre of the management and staff appointed to the project

It is a policy to MEGAMEC to appoint a full-time team headed by a Project Manager, carefully selected from senior personnel, to be responsible for such projects. Obviously project teams and levels of experience are tailored to each individual project.

MEGAMEC have adopted the principle that a Project Manager “RULES” i.e. he will be qualified and experienced therefore, capable of making decisions in the best interests of the project / client on site. We believe that a project manager, when appointed to be experienced in all areas of management within the construction industry, and therefore, capable of autonomous decisions, with the head office providing a strategic technical support.

In modern construction, the mechanical and electrical engineering services, including air conditioning and public health, can constitute a major part of the cost and significantly influence planning and overall construction programme.

MEGAMEC believes in multi-services co-ordination for this type of work. By accepting the task of harmonising each engineering service with another and the whole with the structure, a very significant contribution to the success of the rolex whole project can be made.

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