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In order to ensure the successful completion of any project, our experience indicates that consideration needs to be given to the following:

  • Focus on co-operation and not on confrontation
  • Personnel must be experienced, committed and suitably trained.
  • Allocation of key team members during pre-qualification period, given early understanding and ownership.
  • Early appointment to assure adequate level of co-ordination and co-operation between all parties in the pre-commencement phase.
  • Workshops to define the key aspects and objectives for the project.
  • Site based project management teams.
  • Combine team approach to achieving objectives.
  • Structure system for all communications ensuring information transfer is clear and understood.
  • Development of detailed Method Statements for all aspects of the works incorporating associated Health and Safety Risk Assessments
  • Development of a fully co-ordinated programme. Integrating and sequencing all activities from order to hand over
  • Setting up manageable control systems for information, progress monitoring and costs, which identify the key issues early, allowing effective decision-making.

Staff and Manpower

MEGAMEC experience and strength lie within their personnel. Project coordinators and Engineers have formed an impressive modern outlook, cross fertilization of departments have enhanced the company’s all round ability which has served to spearhead the company forward with confidence, to which our record stands testament to this fact. Our in-depth experience has greatly enhanced our capabilities throughout the Structure, Management, Engineering, Planning, Procurement, Quality Control and Health & Safety practices, have all been successfully and professionally implemented to the highest standards, having our management adopt a policy of focusing on Co-operation and not on Confrontation


With our supporting capabilities – MEGAMEC are equipped to tackle most prestigious projects.With a substantial supply of consumable and accessories. MEGAMEC has its own cheap replica rolex main workshop and stores for assembling and testing other equipment related to MEP services.Taking into consideration the foregoing capabilities, we are confident in offering the client.